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Vape Propaganda and a "Lot More"

Worried about vaping?
Click Here to learn the truth!

Want to know why the Governers of States hate vape in the USA?
Watch these 3 videos and learn the TRUTH
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Worried about all the crap you hear and read about this so-called Popcorn Lung Disease?

Click here - "Learn the Truth about Popcorn Lung"

Got friends who won't give up the fags?
If they are on 20 a day then they are putting all of this into their bodies EVERY 20 Days!

Click here - "See what really comes out of a cigarette" 

Another great video to show what comes out of 300 cigarettes (20 per day for a month)

Click here to see - "How Smoking 30 Packs per months wrecks your lungs"

Read all about Formaldehyde in Vaping? 

Click here - 
"See what comes out of a Vape and what comes out of a cigarette and you make up your own mind who is telling the truth"

Learn the truth about Vaping and Cigarettes by watching and supporting the Documentary "A Billion Lives"

Read our submission to the Governments E Cigarette Enquiry from CiggyJuice
 Click Here

Want to Learn about Bitcoin?

Before you do you must first learn about the platform it works on. The BlockChain.
The BlockChain will revolutionize our world, and in the future, there will be no need for Solicitors or Banks, etc, 

What is Bitcoin? or more to the point What is the Blockchain and how does it work?

Where does money come from?
Over 95% of people have no idea and the truth will shock you.
This is why your football, BGT, and your soaps keep your mind off what is actually going on.

Start Here, You will learn just about everything you need to know by watching - "Money As Debt Video"

Why do people think will the US$ will go POP!

The 15th August 1971 was the date that the USA forced upon the world the Ponzi FIAT currency scam.  - Click Here

Do you still think the USA is such a wonderful economy and a land of free lives? Guess again. Check out the shit they are really in with the USA Debt Clock - Click Here

Some YouTube channels to watch

Jeremiah Babe - Has been discussing the upcoming downfall of the USA Economy and showing viewers 

Alex Belfield - The Voice of Reason, a total snowflake buster. If you are a Greta Lover then look away.

iAllegedly - Follow Dan on his crusade to find out the truth. Works sometimes with Jeremiah and certainly on the same page as each other.

SBC News - Showing what is actually going on in the streets of Kensington Phillidelphia, dubed a tourist destination for Heroin & Fentanyl etc.

A Funeral Director speaks out with his experiences from the coal face about the Kung Flu - A must watch!!

Cannabis:- Some inconvenient truths why Big Pharma does not want Cannabis to be legal
The Rick Simpson Story

E Liquid
Home Made Recipe  & another one Here

Ivermectin :- Some inconvenient truths why Big Pharma calls it Pony Paste

Ivermectin - The misinformation

Redacted Study on Ivermectin - Too close to the truth maybe?

Dirt Road Discussions (On Telegram) Dannys Story that started in 2012 A MUST LISTEN TO PODCAST.

Cancer :- Some inconvenient truths why Big Pharma stomps on any "Natural Cure"

Cancer - The forbidden Cures - Follow the $$$$$

Covid 19 - The Facts.

Watch the Water - Dr Brian Ardis
"The Antidote" An interview with Dr Bryan Ardis with data for the above interview "Watch the Water"

Why was Libya Destroyed by the West & Nato?
Russia exposes emails from Hillary Clinton

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