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Who is CiggyJuice?

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Are we real?

Will we take your money never to be seen again?

Everything will be answered below.

CiggyJuice is a UK Limited Company formed on the 19th November 2013, but started trading in February 2014. Company number 08781708. VAT Number 203 5308 52

The company is owned & run by David & Sue who got together (both being divorced & single) in May 2013

They would like to thank their respective ex's who made this possible. Cheers :)

Sue at the time was a smoker, disappearing out into the back garden to smoke a roll up every now and then, coming back in smelling of an ashtray with breath to suit,  David who never smoked a cigarette in his life, was not!

Sue wanted to give up and with David's "gift" of a disposable E cigarette purchased from Tesco Express in Brockenhurst for £8 the seed had been sown. David believes his father died prematurely because of his fathers addiction to cigarettes (he used to smoke 60 Capstan Full Strength a day in the latter part of the war) and although he gave up when David was born did him no favours in the health department, David was fascinated by this simple but sensible approach to helping people kick the smoking habit, with this new technology there is really no excuse for anybody to keep on smoking, he has yet to meet anybody who thought smoking was a good hobby to take up, however once hooked on cigarettes, for most people you are trapped. David used to run an off-licence with his father and although selling cigarettes to his customers could never understand why somebody would light a miniature bonfire on the end of a tube and breath in all the smoke! Had this idea been born today it would never be allowed to be sold.

Sue soon realised that after her gift  E-Cigarette was not going to cut it for her, cigalikes were useless, as it was like trying to suck a pea through a straw, so on the advise of a friend she purchased a first generation liquid refillable E Cigarette kit from a local shop in New Milton.There were no instructions, she got liquid everywhere and eventually had to ask her best friends 15 year old son how to use it properly! Her last cigarette was at 11.30pm on Frday the 28th June 2013, the clock had begun.

Two weeks into her quest to give up smoking she realised that she had broken her only tank, and that it being late Saturday afternoon the shop was closed and did not know of any other shops in the area. She was very close to buying some tobacco!  Luckily she knew there was a market trader who lived in her local village of Sway. She managed to get hold of this local market trader who was so unhelpful and refused to let her collect one from his house in the same village made Sue and David decide that a better and more friendly approach to customers needs and requirements was needed.

CiggyJuice was born.

David, who owns a production equipment company with contacts, agents and customers all around the globe managed to contact one of his agents in China and had shipped into the UK in a couple of E-Cigarettes and liquids for Sue to try. They very soon realised that because of the nature of peoples nicotine and flavour requirements changes all the time that the E Liquids would need to be blended here in the UK to the customers needs.

The following months involved lots of research and testing (on friends and family) to get the superb range they have today.

Today, every liquid you buy from them is made by them, they only sell their own E Liquid products.

What about Sue I hear you ask?

Well, apart from one roll up she tried (and hated) 3 weeks into her quest to give up she has never had another cigarette or roll up since.

Her progress is shown here along with her savings to date.

David now occasionally Vapes just to try the flavours but has to date never smoked a cigarette.

GB203530852000 - May 2016
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