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All 72mg Nicotine has been removed from our site until we can clarify the situation with sales. 

The Bollocks, (actually that should read BOLLOCKS in capitals) that is article 20 of the TPD states we can not sell liquid over 20mg.

As far as we are concerned 72mg nicotine is NOT E Liquid and can not be vaped, it also was de-classified as a poison allowing anybody, including the general public to buy up to 75mg without any licence.

Although 72mg is strong you have to remember that pure nicotine is 1000mg. Not a lot of people know that.

We will revert back to you as soon as we can, however, I am sure if you ask around where you live there will be plenty of people standing on street corners adding Nicotine to their Cannabis stash to sell it too you.

CiggyJuice Team 

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