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Biscuit Breath - Short Fill

Biscuit Breath - Short Fill
Biscuit Breath - Short Fill
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You have 4 size options To Choose From

(3ml Tasting Samples are in the Zero Nicotine Section)

1 x 60ml Bottle containing 50ml of this flavour concentrate With Zero Nicotine Base Liquid + 1 x 10ml Nicotine Shot of your choice. (60ml Total) 

1 x 120ml Bottle containing 100ml of this flavour concentrate with Zero Nicotine Base Liquid + 2 x 10ml Nic Shots of your choice. (120ml Total) 

1 x 250ml Jumbo Bottle containing 200ml of this flavour concentrate with Zero Nicotine Base Liquid + 4 x 10ml Nic Shots of your choice. (240ml Total) 

1 x 500ml Super Jumbo Bottle containing 400ml of this flavour concentrate Zero Nicotine Base Liquid + 8 x 
10ml Nic Shots of your choice. (480ml Total

Please Note That Its 1 x 10ml Nic Shot Per 60ml Bottle, 2 x 10ml Nic Shots-per 120ml Bottle,  4 Nic Shots-per 240ml Bottle and 8 Nic Shots-per 480ml bottle 

Some flavours especially Custard's, Puddings, Fruits etc will benefit from Steeping.

Note - By adding the flavour concentrate to the nicotine base liquid you will slightly reduce your overall nicotine content.

Should you require your liquid to have more flavour then may we suggest you purchase some of this flavour in it's concentrated form, the link is below under related products.

Note :- Any quantity discounts are based on the concentrate part of the order and not the nicotine shot. 

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