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Mr Whites
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Mr Whites
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Mr Whites flavoured E Liquid.

Fruity undertones with a hint of menthol, simply one of our biggest sellers.

You have 5 size options

(3ml Tasting Samples are now in the Zero Nicotine Section)

1 x 15ml Bottle containing 2.5ml of this flavour concentrate + 1 x TPD Compliant
10ml Base Liquid of your choice. (12.5ml Total) - Large Letter Post Box Friendly.

1 x 30ml Bottle containing 5ml of this flavour concentrate + 2 x TPD Compliant
10ml Base Liquids of your choice. (25ml Total) - Large Letter Post Box Friendly

2 x 30ml Bottles each containing 5ml of this flavour concentrate + 4 x TPD Compliant
10ml Base Liquids of your choice. (50ml Total) - Large Letter Post Box Friendly

5 x 50ml Bottles each containing 10ml of this flavour concentrate + 20 x TPD Compliant
10ml Base Liquids of your choice. (250ml Total)

5 x 100ml Bottles each containing 20ml of this flavour concentrate + 40 x TPD Compliant
10ml Base Liquids of your choice. (500ml Total)

The 15ml & 30ml Flavour Concentrate Bottle will have a plastic stopper under the cap to prevent leakage, (and for ease of removal), simply remove pour in your TPD Compliant Base Liquid and replace with pointed tip (supplied).

The 50ml Flavour Concentrate Bottles will require you to remove the pointed tip already fitted and replace once your TPD Compliant Base Liquids have been poured in.

(We will eventually replace this pointed tip with a similar plastic stopper and pointed tip as the 15ml bottle, however tooling is being made and should be ready around end July 2017) 

To make your E liquid, open the flavour concentrate liquid cap, remove the inserted stopper (discard), pour in your nicotine base shot (4 x shots for the 50ml bottles) into the flavour concentrate bottle, fit the supplied pointed dripper, screw the cap back on, shake and you are good to go.

Some flavours especially Custard's, Puddings, Fruits etc will benefit from Steeping.

Note - By adding the flavour concentrate to the nicotine base liquid you will slightly reduce your overall nicotine content.

This should not be that noticeable and you may have to increase slightly the power on your vaping device to compensate.

Should you require your liquid to have more flavour then may we suggest you purchase some of our concentrate, the link is below under related products.

3ml Sample Bottles are available of this flavour, they are now in the Zero Nicotine section Link below.

Note :- Any quantity discounts are based on the concentrate part of the order and not the nicotine shot. 

Note, the TPD (especially article 20 regarding vaping) is a EU directive that forces people to buy more tobacco (minimum 20 cigarettes or minimum 30g of loose leaf) but then forces consumers to buy smaller bottles of E Liquid (10ml maximum) where previously we were able to sell what ever quantity customers wanted.

In the UK the MEP's that overwhelmingly voted for this were Labour, Lib Dem but of more concern is ALL the Green Party MEP's voted for this (5 of them) their vote for this has effectively forced us to increase by over 3.5x the amount of plastic used to accommodate this new "North Korean" style law & also not very Green! 


Think of Mr. White and what do you think of????

That's right! Breaking Bad this liquid takes a twist on other Heisenberg's on the market. Its clear… now never let a colour put you off! This liquid is very special and bear in mind its not a complete clone of other juices out there.

I have tried other similar liquids before but this one beats them by a mile!

This one doesn't haven’t have as strong of a throat hit as others I've tried which is a plus for me! Just the soothing taste of mixed fruits with a hint of citrus all mixed together by the menthol that holds the whole package together. In my opinion the menthol could be dialled back just a touch to let the fruits come through just a little bit more! If you have tried Heisenberg's in the past and liked them well then get this liquid! You will NOT be disappointed!


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