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Top 10 Flavours Introductory Pack!

Top 10 Flavours Introductory Pack!
Top 10 Flavours Introductory Pack!
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We know how daunting it can be when you stumble across a new E-Liquid Supplier and you would like to try their flavours. The biggest problem with this is actually choosing what to try when they sell hundreds of flavours. With this in mind, we have created a Pre-Selection category that will allow you to buy the very best we have to offer.

The selection of flavours that are included will be updated as we release new flavours. hopefully, this will allow you the consumer to try our liquids without the hassle of choosing what to order.

Hopefully, this will be a really good starting point in your venture with CiggyJuice Liquids. 

In This Selection, You will receive the following 10 x 12.5ml bottles with the flavour concentrate in them plus 10 x 10ml bottles of nicotine base liquid to add to each bottle. In total giving you 10 x 12.5ml bottles of liquid once you have added the nicotine to the flavour.

1: Mr Whites (Blueberry Based with hints of Aniseed, grape and raspberry)

2: Mr Pink (Raspberry Based with hints of aniseed, grape and blueberry)

3: Blueberry Slush (This is exactly what it states on the tin, a punchy blueberry Slush with hints of dark cherries and cooling after taste)

4: Fruit Pastilles (A very fruity flavour that will leave your mouth watering for more)

5: Jessie Clearman (Our most popular fruit mix, A raspberry and strawberry based flavour that has subtle hints of Lychee and Dragon fruit) 

6: Summer Breeze (The perfect companion for the summer weather, perfectly refreshing while maintaining a lovely tropical flavour) 

7: Caribbean Breeze (Caribbean fruit mix with spikes of cooling mixed in)

8: Turkish Delight (Exactly as it states, The E-Liquid replication of Turkish Delight)

9: Yellow Fury (Mixture of yellow-based fruits, with hints of Pineapple and Mango)

10: Walters Secret (This one will remind you of something you might have tried before, An extremely popular flavour) 

We hope that you enjoy this section :D

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